Saturday, November 13, 2010

phuh... phuh... 咳咳~....

AIKS!!... So much dust and spider web in my blog...
It's time to clean up and get some real ornaments!!~


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VTEC session

Yes... another late post again... Since I got sick again, therefore here's sometime I could spend for a little feeling here... Been busy for several weeks...

Been working in KL for almost 2 months. At least better then wasting time in front of PC day after day. First two weeks, I can't find a job. I tell you, looking for part time job in KL is almost impossible without the help of friends or relatives. Those company and firm need their employee to commit them long-term fully.

I consider lucky because I meet those people who experience in their own career like foreman, business man, music course lecturer and others. Thanks to my brother. I met a good boss and experienced comrade there. Even I lack knowledge about cars, engine, ... I'll still serious into this - foreman.

For others, this job are epically tiring and dirty. Yes and I couldn't deny it. But a rookie into social, I just do anything I might to help my boss. I want to experience and learn as much as I can. And thanks to him, my lunch is fully "sponsored". He's a kind person. Another comrade that working with him, it's like trainer and good example to me. He's the person that organized, and seriously hardworking. When this 2 person work together, team spirit is the thing I experience the 1st. How they plan, how they communicate, how they receive and put the finishing touch for a tough task. "WTF!" is the thing I can said. Expertise.

Although working under the hot sun, sometimes under the rain, fixing heavy hot engine and parts, stain our hands with black oil, ... seems though. But when we do it together, we could overcome the difficulties. I figure out, I'm happy when we solve a problematic car.

Having breakfast before work...
Working with some jokes(can be dirty sometimes ==")
Sing along with radio hits while working...
Go out "lepak" at night to ease ourself...
"Jalan-jalan makan besar" once in a while...

I enjoy the time when I stay with my boss and comrades. Step by step, I explore the world of Honda, VTEC, engines, and motor sport racing as well. Just too 2 2 2... lucky I can go to Sepang Circuit and experience the test drive of an DC5. In meantime, experience the power of VTEC engine.

GOD!! It's like you pushing the NOS button on your steering when the VTEC system is activated, suddenly the throttle became so POWERFULL!!! I've have an amazing indescribable experience and off course study there.

Hmm... sometimes uncertain things let you grow.

Work more, play more, learn more, experience more. Seriously, you'll get something more than a boring life. Life could be more positive and interesting ever. Smile and enjoy everything : )

Sunday, August 8, 2010

vi.sion with dimen.sion

After all, human are locked in a prison known as earth.

Whether you're above or below ground makes no difference.

It's just a question of wide and narrow.

People that feel the prison is too narrow and can't take it,
will never be free.

Theirs would be a life just watching the cell bars.

In order to truly be caged,
you have to set up a prison in your own heart.

If you have the energy to whine about dying or whatnot,
why not fight it out in this very cell...

against yourself??

That's it.

If there's one less noisy monkey around,
you might end up realizing that this cell is pretty spacious.

Taken from Hinowa's line, Gintama.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feel the Beats, feel the sky

Angel Beats!


Both of this series, impressive. Truly a story that the viewer will remember for the rest of the life. Well, I can said the feeling of being touch and nostalgia had hit me for a topic like this. Haiz... too bad I had delayed since the "Beats" already end several weeks ago...

About Angel Beats, it take place in a high school here students learn to give up any lingering attachments they still have from life before continuing to an afterlife or reincarnation. While the injury or cause of death are gone, those in the afterlife school can still feel pain or other things as they did when they were alive, as well as dying again, only to awaken with no injures several minutes later. In this dimension, Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, a secret organization that rebels against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. On the otherhand, Tenshi(Kanade), the chairperson of the student council for the world after death, battles against the SSS members. SSS members utilize armed weaponry to battle it out against the angels harnessing supernatural powers. They believes that anyone who follows Angel's orders and behaves like a normal student at the school will eventually disappear and pass on. However, those who fulfill their dreams in the afterlife will pass on as well. They have to keeping their fight on to survive and rebels against god's unfair.

Phuh~ just now was a long one. About Sola... Yorito Morimiya, who is a young boy attending high school. He loves taking pictures of the sky at any time of day and any time of the year. One day, Yorito decides to take a picture of the sunrise overlooking the bay, but is deterred when he meets a strange girl trying to force a vending machine that stole her money to give her what she tried to buy - a can of tomato juice. ==" Yorito helps her with forcing the machine while attempting to strike up conversation with her, despite it being four in the morning. Yorito tells her why he is here, but by the time he has forced the can out of the machine, the girl has mysteriously vanished. That's the way the story starts.
At N
ight, Yorito leaves to buy groceries when it begins to rain and stops on the way home to wait for the rain to stop; while waiting, he runs into the strange girl he met from yesterday again. They talk longer this time and Yorito finally learns her name - Matsuri Shihou.

A few days later, Yorito goes looking for the girl in the old church and finds a man wielding a sword before Matsuri. After a display of Matsuri's astounding powers, Yorito discovers that she is in fact a creature known as a "Calamity of the Night" who has lived for centuries. She is being chased by someone who intends to kill her, but Yorito tries to protect her by bringing her back to his home which is when Yorito asks her to stay with him for the time being.

Hmm... now, both of this series build up a solid image in viewers mind for their fun and beautiful way slice of life. Em... I could said the character design did a good job thou... XD The "Beats" seems is more up to modernization having such technology, secret army basement, advance weapons, and something that interesting...

Intoduce here - the rock band "Girl Dead Monster". Remind me that I'm still follow up the "K-ON!!" downloads... without watching a single episode. Clearly that GDM is more suitable for me... LOL. There's for you, an afterlife school life full of prank, adventure,stories and imagination.

Sola sora Sola sora... somehow like a fairy tail or bed time story like feeling for me. Jokes? Not really much... Prank?? Em... less... Cuteness? Er... Matsuri. XD Slice of life, supernatural, cultural and tradition would be more likely. Actually for this series, the plot seems normal. But once you try to watch it, you'll know something is interesting and different from other anime series. The background picture, OST, music, seiyuu... all in one, they seems have fate and destiny to took part in this. It's simplify that you simply amazed and touch. A simple and meaningful anime. I would said it was a very well produce anime in the vintage of 2007. And it's also one of the best anime rated for that year.

Well, between this 2 amazing series, similarities exist for me, is the message "live your life to the extend". Yes, I wanna enjoy my life in joy, in busyness, some kind of silly trouble, even in tears. I'm grateful that God grant me a normal life. All kind of emotions, motions, family, friends, relationships, words... I love it. Although my life will come to end, but I don't wanna lose even one second. They're simply my precious treasure that God gave me in human form.

As like in Angel Beats! and Sola... there was a sad goodbye, but another energetic opening and starting line is waiting for us. We - human, treasure our life no matter short or long. Love the others, love ourself, love our enemies, love everything. Don't give up!! That's the only way we could build our euphoria world and our destiny. I believe~

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wonder World Cup

A celebration we've long await, bringing back the joy and tears 4 years ago. This time, again, we experience something different, and expect the unexpected. An action that's all about strength, stamina, speed, analyze... and did some beautiful footwork to bring the Adidas Jabulani into the back of the net. YES! The South Africa's FIFA World Cup 2010!!

For me, this championship is really thrilling. Usually, you can differentiate which team is stronger depends on the players, team history and the team manager. I'll tell you what. Everything is a lie when they're playing on the pitch. Even the lucks and referees can decide a game. It's not how a star player's experience or killing act or what, it's about the spirit and the best you can perform. Really!~

If you ask me which team I curse, I'll tell you... there's none. All the teams that qualifying for this final round, means they're working really hard. They deserve to gain the respect from all the people of the world.

About the team I support the MOST... Netherlands.

But here it's quite pity to herd that Netherlands took the runner-up. But for me, they're trying the best, doing the best and expecting the best. Love those spirit the team have.
The Netherlands are not always at their best at big tournaments but this time they've make a difference with a lot of creativity in midfield and across the front line. Creative players like Robin van Persie, Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben stand up and be counted at this World Cup. When it doesn't work with creativity there is always Dirk Kuyt, the workhorse of the team.

And that, had gain more respect to to him, Dirk Kuyt~
- tiredness running
- play logically(do what he should do)
- trying hard to get the ball back to possession(even form GK)
- surprise sudden attack
- assist
- good try for troubling opponent's GK

+ Deserve to be the 1st choice Goalkeeper of oranje due to his consistency - Stekelenburg.
+ Clinical defence by Heitinga and Mathijsen, important clearance and tackle.
+ De Jong is a short but though midfielder! He gave all his best shot on stopping opponent's possession and gain in back.

+ some technical dribbling from Robben to confused the opponent, 'NOS' running and dangerous cross from the outside the box.

+ killing spot kick from Sneidjer, shoot from distance, smashing shot to win a dramatic match.

And very happy to found out a future talent like Eljero Elia, Van der Wiel, Di Maria from Argentina, Thomas Muller form Germany and Valter Birsa from Slovenia. Surely they can be the bright star in the future.

Meanwhile, there's some team I'm impress by their playing for trying to land the bast place in World Cup. Ghana, Ivory Coast, Germany, Japan, Korea Republic, Mexico, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, USA and Uruguay. Certainly amaze by their performance and entertaining "Giant Killing" match!~

And for me to "haiz" for, is Italy, Frace and England. A little disappointed for the flop which they gone through.

For other teams like Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Denmark and Portugal. They should done better and play better next time with those star player in their team.

The unforgettable match for me... hmm...

I would say when Argentina against Germany. It's rare to see the "Argh" being triumph like that by the "Germs's" possession. 4-0 le~ A big win... I watch that match with my brother and our friends in Mamak food court. So, it a lot livelier and I simply enjoy myself in that.


The match of Brazil against Netherlands. Venue: My room. Attender: N and his brother. Live: PC live streaming
Yes, another dramatic and bounce back win for Netherlands, 2-1. This is a very important game for them. Still remember from the start, Robinho's early attempt really shock me. And it cost a goal for Brazil and Neth need to bounce back. I though Neth's tour would stop here. Certainly it's NOT!! Seems like the Neth's position is shaking after Kaka and Dani Alves's try. But the Neth come back with a stunning distance goal by Sneidjer. Yes, we're happy about that. After some struggling, Robben create a chance by corner and again, "GOAL!!!" Sneidjer head for points. We're so happy that Neth can defend against the unbeatable. We scream happily.

And about the champs, Spain. They deserved to win this tournament with such powerful squad. There's star player everywhere, even in the bench. But looking for news and article, seems they're overestimated them. They shouldn't lose to a team like Switzerland and should win big. They just win their last four match 1-0. Still, this monster squad can be improved.

And it's important for us to grade this... ENJOY~

About the player I'm impress, there are a few. Diego Forlan, Luis Suarez, Keisuke Honda, Robert Vittek, Landon Donovan, Luis Fabiano and David Villa. The dangerous predator in this tournament.

Between, for such a small country like Netherlands, you defend very well into the final and I'm impress. Become stronger 4 years later!! Believe ya~

Write the future~