Sunday, December 20, 2009


Last week, I have continues 2 days combo for performance.
Well, Chinese said 台上十分钟台下十年功. Really, practice makes perfect. BUT!! Not always.
Due to taking a lot of time to practice with those member and friends, as a result, we satisfy for those performance. But the most important, we try our best to do what we should do. As long we did what we need to do, God will appreciate it.

SM Horley's Concert

One way(demo after the concert) - sorry for the sound & video quality... trying to look for more pictures and video ^^

We play as a live-band. Together we praise god through songs. Through songs, we bring the stories of our Lord ~ Jesus to others. Really, along the way to the concert, we face difficulties and problems one to another. From date problem to venue problem, communication problem, concert T-shirt problem, musical instrument's problem, and all other kind of trouble stuff. But thanks to brother Brandon. He face all those problem with his determination. He is a natural leader. A assistant president of Christian Fellowship of SMK Horley as a lower 6th student in 2009.
God really bless him. He gather us all for the concert. He really put full of his effort into this concert. Thanks again, Brandon. Our band - Praise A Blaze with our member name and playing position.

Brandon Mong, 18 (vocal)
Neon, 20 (sub guitarist, sub vocal)
Bee SHE, 17 & Zhu Nee, 16 (sub vocal)
Charisa Ho, 18 (keyboard)
Steven, 16 (lead guitarist)
Philip, 18 (bass)
Wee Kuan, 14 (drum)

That concert seems to be just pass.(for me) We try our best to influence others through our rock songs, but those visitor just stay cool. I wonder why. Is that all Teluk Intaner like this?? Didn't experience a live-band before?? I don't know. But from other people comment on us, they say us really great. I really gland that all of us can play as a band that well in such age. We put all our effort in this. That makes our effort pay off.

Having some snacks after concert...

We don't have the best musical instruments, best player or best PA system in the world. But we still try our best to play our heart out for Jesus... Today, we've here, we need to try our best in everything, we walking tall...

I think there is still many steps we need to take for keep walking forward. Hope our Praise A Blaze will always be a group forever. After all, even it's tired, I really feel comfortable and enjoy when we practice and play those songs.
I finally archive a checkpoint. I praise my lord through a band. Really, it's difficult for me to look for someone who can play a musical instruments and can cope with each other. I learn many things through this amazing experience. I know, God is leading me. I believe this determination is a blaze in my heart. And it will burns from time to time, meets no ends.

Sabah Bernam & Rapid Mall(Giant)'s performance

At Sabah Bernam, we had a 500 people Christmas celebration. So, our church use the town hall there. That was a busy Friday. After the Horley's concert in the morning, straight we go to Sabah Bernam to prepare our next performance at evening. Need to carry things like drum, guitar and all kind of fuzzy stuff. Feel kinda tired and hungry.

The whole celebration took about 2 hours. Here I become a keyboardist. Play the instruments that I feel confidence the most. Play till both of my hands feel numb. But, the blessing that God gave and filled full in my heart. In an Allegro Cantabile mood.

That night I get a good sleep. The reason is simple. Cause I'm fatigue and tired. Once I lie on my bed after I finish my washing, I sleep like dead. Till the Saturday morning, I'm feeling GREAT!!~ Then, after having breakfast with my papa, I went through a thing I didn't do for quite a long time. HAIRCUT!!

Before & After...

Then, come again those practice to make sure we did a good performance in the evening at Giant. That took the whole afternoon. I'm being force to having my lunch at 4pm something. Unbalanced meal... -_-"

Coming back from Giant with "Khalil" look -_-"

HERE I COME TO BE GIANT!! Our performance at Giant is a success!!~ Our small stage attract many of the passers to stop by. Christmas carol, kids fashion show, my solo, Christmas song, Q&A, games and more... Those program is really effective. We have 2 Santa there to give out the present. Nice~ A thick atmosphere of Christmas...
Laughing, clapping, singing, joking... We really enjoy ourselves there. Our first public performance has gave us a memorable and unforgettable experience... Lord... I give all my praise to you... Yeah~ all the praise goes out to you!!

Joyful, all the nations, rise, join the triumph of the skies; With the angelic hosts proclaim, Christ is born in Bethlehem!!

[...behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people] Luke 2:10
[...我报给你们大喜的信息是关乎万民的。] 路加福音 2:10

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Modern Strange Cowboy

[For the very first time ever I hear a hard metal music... But this song, it's really amazing. Just break out our self and enjoy every single best music. Granrodeo rocks!!~ p/s* Needless is quite rockin too~]

Ready set Fly Away! Open Your Mind
until your Momentum Rusts!
A composed face like from a Movie Star, an awesome Rock Star
blows away the competition!
We’re modern strange cowboy

Are you ready to the action?
There’s no wall in front of you!
Do you have any function?
I order you Back to the fire

It’s beyond description, it’s
I can’t ignore my own will,
can’t mince matters.

Embrace your own 39degree body,
Live on Cowboy!
Live as to not wilt your freshly sprouted flower!
Live on Cowboy!
Run through today Cowboy!

In a flash, the reservation on my deteriorating tomb,
is long yet short…but it’s my turn.
A strange Romantic person, a Mister who tends to confine himself…
This time it’s time to be talkative.
We’re modern strange cowboy.

Are you ready for the action?
There’s no time to be crying!
How do you have any function?
Custom get! Light your fire

My sensitivity will soon be exposed,
I’m on alert for life
I won’t walk with hesitation!

Cross the word with your action and raise your body temperature,
Live on Cowboy
Surely the voice of my heart I heard is rollin’
Live on Cowboy
Ride on Cowboy

If I release my emotions into the countless stars,
my should will come to understand everything right?
It might even grow or change!

Embrace your own 39degree body,
live on Cowboy!
Live as to not wilts your freshly sprouted flower!
Live on Cowboy!

My name is modern strange cowboy

By Granrodeo
Needless OP1

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chirstmas Quest

The bell is jingle on the way... While I am jingle through my future. Thinking, what present I need to give everyone. What's the best I can give my god, my family, my friends and somebody who've in trouble, looking for help and hope.

By the way, seconds, minutes, hour, days, weeks and month that I've gone through in 2009. Every breath is a miracle, every morning is a new day, every feeling is a new story, everything that I've seen through is an experience. God, thanks for this amazing year full of trouble, tears, smile and blessing. I don't care what I've become until today and what I'll become in the future. Thanks for the leading always. No breath for me, I'm dead for sure. I give all my praise to thee.

I'm looking foward for a happy crazy rockin Christmas and new year - 2010!!

This Christmas, I wanna find my true self, show my true self.
I wanna be an independent son of my family and friends. Try to cope with all those small and big problem myself without relying on others too much. Be more mature. Learn how to think wiser. Choose an option that makes everybody wins. Make everyone happy. I think this present is much more valuable then other present that need to change back by paying a lot of money. It's priceless.

What present I want this Christmas?? It's the same I said before. If I can give what I mention up there, that would be my present when everybody is payback. No matter it's a good or bad responds, I appreciate it. I want to share my feeling and happiness with everyone.

About Indie musician that I want to become. Hope I can put more effort in my religion, my career and my business in order to be a successful Indie musician. I'll make my family and friends proud of me. I don't wanna waste my small talent without doing anything. I don't wanna waste my seishun(青春). I wish one day, somebody can write a song for me. Not just be a lyrics writer all the time.

And a must... I must get graduate in next year May. Study smart, I'll do. 2010, a lot of thing are waiting me. Looking foward to it~

This Christmas, I hope for something. What about next year's Christmas?? What about one decades later?? What will I become?? Leave out all the rest... Do the thing I should... I know my prayer can lead me on. I'm powerless. But my god is the way, truth, life. That's my direction. Invest in heaven better than invest in this world. Journey to fantasy continued...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gosple Power

I'm Not Ashamed - Hillsong United

I read this in my weekly church worship booklet. I feel touching about this story. I wanna share with all of you.

[I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation]
Roman 1:16

One reason many Christians are so hesitant to witness for Christ is they fear failure. They forget the life-changing power of the gospel.

Peter V. Deison, in his book The Priority of Knowing God, tells about Ramad, a man in India who was a member of a gang robbers. On one occasion, while burglarizing a house, Ramad noticed a small black book containing very thin pages just right for making cigarettes. So he took it.
Each evening he tore out a page, rolled it around some tobacco, and had a smoke. Noticing that the small words on the pages were in his language, he began to read them before rolling his cigarettes. One evening after reading a page, he knelt on the ground and asked for the Lord Jesus to forgive his sins and to save him. He then turned himself in to the police, much to their amazement. Ramad the bandit became a follower of Jesus Christ. And in the prison where he served his sentence for his crimes, he led many others to the Savior.

What was the book he had been reading? It was Bible!! The Holy Spirit took "the gospel of Christ" and it became Ramad "the power of God to salvation"

Because there is great power in the gospel, we can share the good news with confidence.

[The power of our witness comes from the power of the Gospel]

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14

这天国的福音要传遍天下对万名作见证, 然后末期才来到. 马太福音 24:14

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Funny Sunny Day!?

(English Translated)
I saw the sunset in the east
I saw the bees swim in the blue sea
I saw the trees up in the sky
I saw the rainbow in the ocean

Is it crazy? Or is it just hazy?
Don't be queasy Let's just take it easy
Is it dummy? Or is it just rummy?
Don't be crummy… Just a joke!

Funny day Funny face Funny place
Something wrong with me?
Funny day Happy day
…well, it's OK
Funny day Funny face Funny place
Come on now, have fun
If you show your little smile, it'll be OK

I saw the cars fly in the air
I saw the planes drive in the city
I saw the stars shine in the sun
I saw the snow fall in the summer

Is it vicious? Or is it just precious?
Don't be serious Let's just make it curious
Is it dilly? Or is it just silly?
Let's be jolly… for today

Sunny day Sunny face Sunny place
Everywhere you are
Sunny day Shiny Day It'll be so fine
Sunny day Sunny face Sunny place
All the troubles… bubbles
If you show your little smile, it'll be OK

Woke up in the night
Was it just a dream?
All I did was"laugh"
No need to worry…. No worries

Funny day Funny face Funny place
Something wrong with me?
Funny day Happy day
…well, it's OK
Funny day Funny face Funny place
Come on now, have fun
If you show your little smile, it's be OK

Sunny day Sunny face Sunny place
All the troubles… bubbles
If you show your little smile, it'll be OK
If you show your little smile, it'll be OK

By SxOxU * Katekyo Hitman Reborn! OP07

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

N's Nov 09 trilogy

I - The retarded emo

Time pass in the speed of light when you didn't realize it. Ah~!!! Already week 8!!! I'm going to test after 6 more weeks... What I've done?? (asking myself again) These semester, 8 weeks!! Entertainment + Business + Family + Friends + Religion = 8 weeks life. All I do about my study just attend class + attend class + attend class... Flashback... time reverse... Where is my self study!!?? Oh no~ Its gonna pain in the ass. I need to focus back into my study. Just take one subject also got problem... Now, clearly, its laziness. I'm my own worst enemy. Come on, everyone else, can you motivate or force me a bit on my study? T.T

Nah... that looks like childish. I need to arrange my time for study now. Less facebook, less anime, less PES2009, less... anything that related to entertainment. Programming, I can't lose to you!! Practice, learn, study, read, write, do, think. This is a mission that I must accomplish. Just stick my damn eyes to those notes and tutorials, use my damn brain to think and moving my damn right-hand to write on the paper. Miracles starts with an action. Rraagghh!!!~ tie a piece of cloth on my head and study... N必胜!!

II - The Solver

Recently, a childish boy that act idiotically to his girlfriend. Directly scold his girlfriend in front of me and my friend... really 厚脸皮. So, that girl looking for help from my best friend, his brother. Then, as her brother good friend, I help them willingly. Its hard to dealing with that hot tempered and emotional child(the 'boyfriend'). Every sentence end with a challenge... "Wanna fight huh!?" How irrational that child has.

At night, when everybody was into their sweet dreams, that child challenge us for a fight. A night that fill with loud howl and cry in a complicated situation. But with a rational best friend and a cool tempered me, everything is going to be just fine. We just cope everything with a meaningful advice. Every shout and howl end with an advice.

Just had a sense of Gintoki when I advice that couple. I deal with that crazy 'thing' calmly. A shout end with a soft voice. Really, I don't wanna howl or get into a fight with that person. Just get my hand dirty and hurt my voice. I still wanna sing!~ And, plus I'm the 3rd person in this case. I don't think I'll deeply participated in this... BUT, I don't know what will I do when I really mad. Cause I didn't really get mad before. Don't ever try to force me!! And I'll treat you nicely... below my 100 Celsius.

Simple and clear advice that clear out the messy situation. No more cry, no more howl and those stupid feeling. A bad start and a not bad ending, temporary. This damn problem take us 2 days to slove. I didn't even get a good sleep these days. Shoganiiya... I like to help the others...

III - The Tactics

My business is growling fast. Motivate, teach, care... I train my down lines, they are willing to learn and they grow so fast. Out of my expectations!! Bout this, I need to thank god. And my leaders that guide me along this michi(道). I started to experienced a lot, slowly... slowly... This is a road of difficulties and road of treasure. I believe one day, everything bad will become my treasure. Really... I understand... these difficulties makes me think, grow to more mature, more independent. The day I get myself independent, the day I become success. Ladies and Gentelment, 能解决的问题就不是问题(The problem can be solve is not a problem).My dear parents and friends, and those around me, including those who hate me...

Mr. Richard De Vos & his wife. The most positive man in this world!!

One day I'll payback my kindness to you all. Do you hear Rich De Vos?? No?? Nevermind. N will let the world know his kindness... N aims for the Noble Prize!!

This trilogy just like a drop of water into an ocean in N's life. Maybe many other problem or things need to face by N. N didn't has the eternal determination. But his god has!! Any impossible will become possibilities. As we know, this earth is rounded shape.
Every people is unique. Everyone can be the one. So, why don't we believe in our own religion, and OURSELF!? Believe it, we can do it!! We can make a difference!!

Who is N?? I am N. Neon a.k.a Tiong Chow Khing.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time Flow ¾

Another busy weekend that fill me up with satisfaction. Shared my business to my friend who looking for an opportunity. Keep leading my team to the right path of success.
Help the others = Help myself. Yes!! You had do a right choice, follow the right path, doing the right thing. Challenge!? Koi yo!!! Boku wa TADAKAII DEZ!!! Fight to the end ~ !

A product fair that my team organized at Jeffrey house to help the down-lines, almost ruined by the rain. But our strong determination, anything is NOTHING!! We keep doing what we need to do. Step by step with the time, we 're closer to our checkpoint, we're closer to our goal. Together as unity, we walking tall!! Remember on, decision is important than hardworking, action is important than thinking. Dreams, start with a right decision and the first action. Aim for the right target, and hit the bull's-eye!!
Now for me, practice, practice and practice... As we had heard before. Practice makes perfect.
And I believe, one day, I'll...

After a time taking fair, we pack up and go back with a smile. We know, we had did it. We had done what we should. For that, I feel quite tired but happy.'
Then, I go for a music sharing dinner *我们的唯一~ that organized by my church's Methodist Youth Fellowship along with VJ. I'm gland that I invited him. We had heard a few nice live acoustic song. Those song and sharing are meaningful. He said the sharing was quite nice and almost buy the band's album. He's quite like those song as well. Some of our MYF member said VJ is kinda rare cool guy. Haha~ We had our free dinner and nice interaction with friends there. Then, what we go for after the sharing is... TADA~

We watch this 12pm movie for the first time ever, in our hometown new cinema. We really enjoyed this movie. This tragedy, expressive, action and thriller movie takes around 2 hour and 40 minutes. Darn, I want a DVD9 for this movie. ZETTAI!!... Those feeling I get after watching the movie is... touching, always treasure the time to stay beside those who close to you the most. And... many more complicated feelings that I can't describe it all in words form. Make it simple, just treasure everything around you. Me, Njoy everything.

God, again I pray for your forgiveness to what I've done. Please guide me until the end. Until I can reach the never-land, the fantasies, your desire. Until I can reach you...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back from adjustment~ NJOY!!

Just gain back my health these few days~ YES!! N is BACK!!
Last week I gone sick. And this makes me sacrifice 2 of my precious programming class that can help me to pass the exam this semester!! How unfortunate... T.T
But now, N come back with a more positive life! Looking forward to it!!

During the illness, thanks for my housemate, my friends, my parents and my god's concern.
I had took a good rest during that time. I had fever, ulcer, and sore throat... I really had a hard time. But another bad thing is, my house at Kampar here didn't has any heater for the bathroom. In this cool season and my problematic illness, no choice. I'm being forced to bath with cold water! Who had experience this?? Share with me!!

I feel a mild pain in my head, powerless, and my body was fatigue. Sore throat and ulcer coming along this fever... It's hard enough and I don't know how to describe this with words. But I am happy. My friend and housemate concern about me. They give me Vitamins to clear out those virus in my body. It's working and really efficient!! Nutrilite is the best!! This is the best thing my friend have gave me. It not medicine that paralyze my body part, it's those minerals and vitamins that keep supporting my body!! Thanks~ guys and girls...

And my parents that giving me some fruits to eat. Keep balance my nutrition and my eating habits. It's cures my ulcer that I hate than anything else. And advice me to plan my time wiser to had a good rest. Thanks mom and dad!! ; )

Fairy Tail(strongly recommended comedy adventure anime series!!)

Song: Magic number by Maaya Sakamoto(Clamp's "Kobato" opening song)

And those song that I heard during that time... Keep giving me a positive thinking and support me with many imagination and dreams... And I love those songs too!! Anime and those BWW SOCD I've heard. ICHIBAN!!! This tools support me from the psychological side. And that becomes my hobby recently. I hope I can keep those meaningful activity and habits as hobbies...

And the lord that hear my pray... Always and forever... I give my praise and thanks to you!!

N'll keep running and fighting for his life. Those following him and have their own dreams... will U??