Sunday, March 29, 2009

60 minutes earth hour campaign

For me, this campaign is quite meaningful. My family also support this campaign. During that time(8.30pm-9.30pm) I'm having dinner. So, it was quite a nice memory to have a dinner with the lights off. Father, mom & me eating together on a round table with a warm candle at the middle. Man, it just like 'dating' dinner with my family...

Later, my father said it is better if we all switch off all the air conditioner, or fridge for one hour to reduce CFC. That is more better. I think closing the fridge for one hour wouldn't cause any food problem. But, we gonna start step by step by learning to switch off the lights first, for our earth's sake. With this small action, one to ten, ten to hundreds, hundreds to thousands, to millions and more. It'll becomes a very strong source power. Save the energy and not waste it. It's quite a brilliant idea by the Australians to protect our earth don't you agree?? Anyway, we're living on earth. The only home for us, the only place. So there is more reason for us to protect it. Right?? Save our earth. SOE!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stillƒantasy™'s summer sky collection

A couple of story... without words.

Title: skystare 09...(the freestyle poem)

Another home for me, the sky.
Sometimes it shines,
sometimes it rains.
Clouds natural ability.
difference that nearly hide,
from every seconds,
keep changing.

sunrise to sunset,
dawn to midnight,
spring to winter,
without descending.

The Grey warning,
Harsh lightning rain,
end with a rainbow.
Blue and white
with the silent clouds.
Clear smooth contrails,
spread across, the evening sky.

And the shooting star,
with their secret wish,
came from far, far away.
A complete night view.

With the master of ornament.
∞ stars, the moon always.
And the sun that stay,
the merry go round,
never stops.

Does it refer to life?
I've been thinking over and over...

More than words,
more than arts,
more than photos,
more than sounds, nor videos.

Nothing can describe you.
Not even a lie that crush the world.
I prefer wasting time to stay with you,
than trouble by this confusing world.

In my position, my view, my coordinate.
No matter what's the weather, your emotion.
Its alive, between me.
The endless melody of symphony,
played in my heart.

In eyes,
you illustrate the eternity.
still as beautiful,
as always.

By NeΩn(Stillƒantasy™) 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dragon Bouzu no Gochuu??

Dragon Ball *EeEe---vo rrrlution?? Just watch it on Saturday night... Don't expect too much from this movie. It's fine if someone who don't ever heard about Dragon Ball before to watch it. For a Dragon Ball's fanz?? WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!?!? I had see DBZ manga before. So, I knew some story and the "style" of this masterpiece. For me it just a normal adventure movie.

In manga & anime, Goku's unique power "KAME-HAMEHA!!!!" is capable of destroy, blowing off a planet. But this movie, I think his power capable of lighten up a cigarette for someone. & when Goku changed into Osaru, I dint see any tails(his weakness) 'attach' to him. So...thats the difference. But there's good part bout that. Live action Master Roshi is quite funny XD. Overall, how is it?? Don't ask me. I watch this movie because of the convertion from manga & anime to life action movie. & of course... curious. & I'll said this movie just OK AJE.. whats the movie i wanna watch next?? 12 Rounds & Fast & Furious 4!! This action & blockbuster movie sure kick hard on your ass!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Bad...

Recently practicing PSI-missing sheets on piano. As a result, I can mastered it in 2 days!! Hearing PSI-missing while playing piano at the same time... HIGH LER........ If anyone is experienced in playing piano, must hear this song & try it!! You can play as fast as you can. Cause the notes & tone are fit & fill smoothly. Gotta try it don'tcha know!? PSI-Missing by Mami Kawada. The 1st opening for To Aru Majutsu no Index.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, recently, i really boring to play games or watch anime to waiting time go pass me during the holiday. The feeling is like being poisoned by Mayuri's in Bleach episode 199. Every single second is just like a year. I rather sleep for the whole day.

But finally, my last sem has started. About graduation, I estimate I'll take some time in a new year sem & resit some headache subject. OR, I take all the resit subject, pass mirically & graduate. Recent days, I really don't know what to do. This sem my class need to do a final project of a reservation company website before graduate. I try hard with my partner to finish it in time although we are not a strong group. After doing some brainstorming work about this project, my friend told me to get some rest & watch the anime Gintama I was freakin crazy & like it. After I watch this anime for a few episodes, DAMN, I am speechless. Those few episode is about the story of Shinsegumi & a traitor of Shinseigumi. The whole story line was awsome!! No matter form the episode title, cool artwork, storyline, emotion of sound actor, the script dialog. I can told you that IT MATCH FARKING PERFECTLY!! Until now, Gintama quality is improving like hell. It's a really awsome & interesting anime. It'll let you smile until stamouchache, entertained you until your eyes can't closed, the touching moments that let you cry about 4 hours. Well, I'm just joking until you really try to believe me.

As a conclussion, I learn many good things and fight for 生存之道 from Gintama. Their word, their determination, their hope for harmony life. Well, they fights to protect their most precious things. If I have this determination even I'm weak, I'll do anything to reach the checkpoint without hesitation. At the good side of course. If for me to rate this anime, I'll rate ∞ out of 10. Try to insult this anime
after you watch seriously, if you dare. SOSHITE SHUT UP & DIE!!