Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Redang Outcast

Just came back from Redang Island for the after exam trip.
I go there with my 3 friend. Jit, captain & Ah Miao. It's was the 1st time I go a trip with so few people.
We're close friend that study and suffer together for 2 years in TARC. So, easier for us to hanging out to go for a trip.
The trip takes us 3 days and 2 night.

Arrive Redang!!

About Pulau Redang, it's a truly natural place. The sea is truly blue, it's not a lie. Beside it has many small island. Obviously, boat becomes an important transport there.
We've so lucky out there. 3 days down we got a clear weather without rain. Thanks god...
Our life there is being scheduled. Almost... Eat, dive, eat sleep. This schedule continue for first 2 days.

Summer days...

Hi comrades!!

During free time we have a walk around the island and sit down quietly, observing people there just like a stalker.
There have several resort. The resort that we stay is kinda...em...plain?? Don't know how to describe. Just a normal resort. Ultra normal.
The food and meal we have over there was nice. Yeah!! Banzai!! Chinese chef rules!! We have Chinese food out there, rice, noodles, barbeque, grill lamb...

Our "secret hideout".


Other things I'll like to talk about is those stuff and service over there is NOT cheap. Imagine that Internet service 1 hour for RM10, a can of Heineken = RM11!! What the f#%* !?
Of course lah... tourism ma....

At the 夏日的么么茶 house!!

My precious experience over there:
- The scenery that combined sea and the sky... both is so blue... just like reflection.
- It's sand is the smoothest sand I ever step before. You'll be enjoy to run on it barefoot.
- The staff working at the resort that we stay. FUNNY!!
- Diving into sea to enjoy the underwater world.
- The experience that stay and relax with my friends.
- Nice weather.
- The starry night over the sky I never seen before. Ocean of stars * * *

Do you see the color of the water??
Whoops!! Where's captain?? (He still sleeping at room. Don't disturb him la...)

Every trip must has some regret... haiz... :
- Cannot see the sunset and sunrise over there because of direction, coordination of island and cloud problem.
- Didn't have real digital camera to take high detail pictures.
- Activities there is really limited.(seriously some times you really get bored)
- Cannot take the photo of the starry night...

Anyway... I just simply love nature, starring at sea and sky. The feeling I had, I gonna shout out.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

ANTI EXAMANIA =_=|| back on the track of blog. I din't create any new post recently because of my exam.

The exam timetable just like a blockbuster non-stop action movie. Just feel really tired after act as Bruce Willis for several weeks.
One of the exam schedule is 2 subject in one day.
What?? I'm not kidding here... Need me to slap you?? The fact is it's real!!
This exam torched me a lot. I not get enough sleep, lose appetite, lose mood to study...
But anyway, i already try my best to complete this exam season.
This exam suppose to be my final exam for 2 year diploma course before graduate.
But now I can't graduate due to I'm still holding one subject paper that need to resit. I can't graduate with my good friends together... what a pity.

But, still, I'll give all what I've got to complete this course and get graduated. I had this promise to myself long time ago. What I need to do is study & graduate for myself, for my family, for friends, for everyone. I need to put in more effort.
But now..., I really need some time to relax and release my pressure. Travel to somewhere,
games, anime, movies, hanging out with friends... Back to my normal semi-hikikomiri lifestyle. >>>

& this is the how I describe an exam....

I really hates math...

I hate math, but no guts to do this...

Nice answer...

This is not the way how it slove...but you can always try...

So easy...

Perfect mistakes...