Monday, July 27, 2009

Journey to impossible L - O - A - D - I - N - G...

Just came back from a big function of B.W.W and Amway. Accompany by some best friend, VJ, Ah Pher, Yu Tai, Aries, Captain, Addy, Cherish, ... Experience those success and celebrate for them. A female teenage just age 25 from Hong Kong, gets her freedom of money and income. Same as a successful couple from India. They shared their experience about how they gone through their challenges on the way to success. Then, after this I wonder what I'll think about.

First, thanks VJ introduce this business to me. Actually I think to try it from the start because I'm satisfy with that concept of the education that they provide & networking style business. Nothing wrong about it. Amway is the 1st strongest networking business company over decades. But that's quite pity that I'm late in this business during choosing the right options. My parents giving the opposite suggestions. Then I'm confused.

But anything was clear when I attend my first meeting at Ipoh meeting center. I more confident with it. Perhaps that is the road that god choose to me. After I attend this big major function at KL, yes, this is the way, this is the track, this is a part of my life.

I decided to try this business. I still at a young age. Without notice, this is the biggest advantage of me. But this business is to spread & share those good news and this business to people who around me. Although I don't have many friends, but I have few loyal friend, and I love them. In Chinese 在家靠父母, 出外靠朋友 . We rely on parents at home and rely on friends when we left home. So, friend is freaking important you know?? That's the reason I want to recommend this business to them.

I didn't plan on changing other job or other way of life. I will continue on this. Be a sharer, share the good news to others, and widened my religion using this way. In other way, I can also improve my experience for leadership and knowledge. So, god... please lead me. I plan to get my own freedom before the age of 22. I do this all for my parents, my family, fulfilling my second brother's dream and my dream in music career.

Actually I really a 知足常乐 person. Not because I can't get what I want, what I want is something different. I am a peace lover. I hope for world peace and human happiness, love each other, ... Something money can't afford. I want a peace, calm and natural life. Walking pass a hill full of flower. Birds fly high on the sky. Starring shooting star lying on green grass hill, watching the sunrise & sunset sea...

*p/s: Please see this success system, it's really useful...

In the other way, back to this networking business life, I know it from the start. In this world, no job is perfect and lead you to success in a short time immediately. At least this is a free business and job. I can do it whenever I want to do without starring at a fat ass boss everyday early in the morning and get sack when I do something wrong. I don't wanna work for fulfilling other people's dream. I wanna work for myself. So is there a reason I need to see those boss ugly face and get their limited paid with unhappy face?? Then what's the point?? I just wanna work happily, fight for our own future and dreams with my comrades.

Hmm... just off title a second. Did you(person who reading my post) seen anime that named "Eden of the East"(Higashi no Eden) before?? It's a high ranking anime that almost same level as "Death Note". What special is those character have hand phone(noblesse oblinge) with 10 billion $ electronic cash that can grant you any wish that's within that amount. If I have that phone, "Juiz, make me the peacemaker of the world..." definitely I'll bring the world to utopia. Yes, a perfect world for anything.

But at last, I'm still... a normal human. I'm not a psychic, magician or anything with special ability or power to change anything else, so don't mention about changing the world.... Then what can I do with this human body??

Now I put my hand together and close my eyes, god... please, forgive my sins on what I've done wrong. And thanks for anything you give me so far, including my life, my family, my good friends and what around me. Bless me by provide me the intelligence and responsibility. I wanna success between this two years to give my family and everyone a happy life. And also you change this world from the hands of illness, wars, rough politics and economic crisis. God, with our pair of hand, we can't do anything. But possibilities comes from you. You have the strength and intelligence beyond us. Again, god... thanks for everything you listen and you give. In god's son Jesus I believe... Amen...

And now the way and a new story is started, the journey to impossible of Neon and his friends. Those my freaking friend that understand this words, come to run this challenging track together full of obstacles. Together we becomes the shining diamonds to influence the others. Will you??


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shinkyoku 深呼吸(Deep Breaths)

The gaze that challenges the reality of existence and deep breaths
Burns all the mistakes and confusion
Within a continuous moment

Standing on all of these promises
I bite my lip, the words that dripped out on that day
The feelings within it seemed like an oath
If I said them, the present and the beginning would be bound

In a place that is not a dream nor a world of make believe.

The gaze that challenges the reality of existence and deep breaths
Burns all the mistakes and confusion
It perceives so far ahead
Within a continuous moment

There is always uncertainty and wandering mixed in
feelings that run far away into an uncertain future.
Whenever there's something else you want to protect,
You leave your sadness behind and continue on.

People you met while taking a detour through life also have wishes they were born to fulfill

The scattered laughter that is in this reality of coincedence and deep breaths
Will scratch away the hesitation of
Ourselves, who are lost and stumbling

In the days that our breath almost runs out, we search for answers and then cry tears
Even now, we are trying to seize
The only thing that is for us.

In a place within a distant memory, where we make a promise and then wave goodbye.

The sign of the morning sun that shone before my eyes
This certain breath that repeats
See, I'm sure the reason for yesterday's tears
will bind the present to the future.

The heart that challenges the reality of existence and deep breaths
Hold tightly all the mistakes and confusion,
And gain the answer that you inevitably desires
Within a continuous moment

Wednesday, July 15, 2009





诗篇: 8; 3~9

New Divide

A lightning flash over in front our eyes.
Did you figure out what I mention??
Time pass like bolt without all your attention!!
It's fast like hell!! We're in the middle of July!!
What you've done in the half past years??
I tell you my story. I done NOTHING!! NOTHING!!

As usual... I still have the empty feeling.
Study the subject that I've learn before just for resit,
and did nothing. How coward am I...

But when I take a two step back... Something is different.
I am more close to my family, more active in church,
do more research in guitar, more mature in music,
and more...(some small improvement that I didn't notice).
You need to know how to swap your wings before you know how to fly.
And here I start my journey, turning reality to fantasy,
from normal to precious, from teen to gent,
I just wanna prove that, I am a simple nice guy.

Maybe after this good for nothing sem, I'll start my part time job
at Internet Cafe. At least I can do something to fill in my time for
another more damn empty sem. (just resit for 1 subject within 14 weeks)
Another good thing I always hope to do is write a complete song that
can archieve my target and accept by others. Please GOD...
Give me more inspiration to do music. Between the dark second,
when I close my eyes.

The road of life that I walk through. Until now,
I don't think I ever make a decision that make me regret.
Even it's a wrong and stupid decision. Cause it's always end up with
solution and answer. God always be there to make a way for me.
God absorb my fear, trembling, and calmed me.
Forgive my sins and blessed me.
Every single second, lead me, keep me breathing.
So that I can walk further and closer to...
Yes... to a perfect world that no boundaries.
There's only praise, hymn, joy and harmony.
No lies, no conflict, no tears, no suffering.
2 words that describe a place that beyond human's imagination. PERFECT WORLD.

A new divide. Let the floods cross the distance in my eyes.
Eliminate the empty within me.
Don't resent me, keep me in your memory,
Leave out all the rest.

A new path, a new hope, a new destiny,
live in a world in destruction, completely opposite.
That's how I live my life. Follow the flow of my life,
and suddenly make a crucial change to impact the world.
I wanna be the one.

After couple of sharp and narrow junction,
I saw clearly, a new divide...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The retarded of Mr. Sorry

Really sorry Captain. The retarded action that I've made had make you lost your job. I can't blame on others. Can't contact you in the nick of time. That make me understand, a small action can protect something precious, especially a person's feeling.

Don't know why. My brain was blank all the time. No mood in studying, no mood to play, no mood to do anything else. To make such a mistake myself and trouble the others. That was damn idiotic and retard!! I even don't realize it, even it's a small mistakes. And I just let it naked like this, without cover anything.

A 5 letters word. "S", "O", "R", "R", "Y". Some people said that was difficult to say. But I don't think so. It depends on situation. Just saying "Sorry" is very easy. Using your mouth without feeling. What's the point?? "Sorry" means you learn something from those mistakes. "Sorry" means you won't repeat this mistakes again. "Sorry" means you can change into a better person.

I am a person that always say sorry no matter what mistakes I've made. Big or small doesn't matter. What I hope is I can learn and fully understand the mistakes I've made and confirm never repeat it again. But I am a carefree person like Gintoki. Keep saying sorry and repeat those mistakes. Perhaps I still don't understand it. Well... I am slow in learning, I need time.

I am not a good person but I want to become a good person. From "sorry" I start to learn understand others feeling, understand situation, understand myself. As others said. Our greatest enemies is ourselves. That's why we need to control.

"Share"..... It is a nice word to describe the joint relationship between persons. Everybody need to learn it. If human always share, there will be no conflict, no fight, no wars. I an ready to share anytime, anywhere. So for those friends and people, if I done anything wrong to you or you done anything that I don't agree and wrong, I would like to say....
SORRY and I FORGIVE you all. World peace...