Thursday, August 20, 2009

Invisible W.A.R!

Why W.A.R?? Just simple... War lah. Need to fight in an invisible war recently. This invisible war will really torture me hard if I didn't do any preparation. Why?? Because it's invisible ma. I can't wait till last minute then I prepare. It's too late...(to apologize, It's too late... [The song Apologize from One Republic feat. Justin Timberlake])
This war is invisible. You can't seen it in through visual, but you'll feel the pressure when you're fighting.
Now, I start doing preparation for those big deal to complete my mission. Start to train my body to the best form, wear on uniform, polish all my fire arms, fill and prepare my M16 with bullets, then??

LDAS (Lie Down And Sleep).

Don't really believe me, I'm just kidding.

There are 3 mission to complete for winning this war.

Mission 1 - Personal Health
Objective: Take care your body Idiot!!(Said to my self)
Duration: N/A
What's going on around you and me?? Kind of something like a pistol with silencer is aiming at you. You may hurt if you being hit. Then depends on your will to keep your heart pumping for the next seconds onwards. Actually I am mentioning H1N1.
What to do?? Like others, Malaysia also lost control, over 60 person died(M'sia NOOB!!!~).
You think someone can help you prevent this?? For me, DO MYSELF!! Keep my body healthy, vitamins, protein, exercise, and... to keep myself far away from this lo.
Concern my eating habits and always keep myself clean.
No health, no life, don't ever mention you wanna fly...

Mission 2 - Final Test
Objective: Get your ass off below the failing grade!!(Absolutely A!! Not Absent!!)
Duration: Short term goal.
After I gaining my health, its time to focus on my brain. Cause the damn test is coming!!
Need to make more practice and study on my test subject.
One day a little, you'll become monster!
Need to clear out those useless stuff in my brain. Then paste those formulas, theories in brain. Memorization can't be less. Those good friends of mine, study with me!!
Share, teach and discuss each other can lead to more understanding.
Together we do our best and pass every subject and exam with flying colors.
Together we chase our own dream. Don't let a test decide and vanish your dreams.
Take up your courage and bravery, together we clear those obstacles and pressure.
One cup of Kopi, tak payah bimbang nanti!!

Mission 3 - Dream Builder
Objective: Make your dreams becomes reality!!(Your future, you decide.)
Duration: Long term goal.
I have my own plan, I have my own dreams, I have my own plan, I have my own action, Success is waiting there, always there for me. I know. Its between I want or don't want to achieve it. I must. I know this path is not easy to walk. Maybe sometimes I fall, sometimes I depress. But that will, build me up, makes me strong. Enough to support me. And the one who always beside me. God, I know you're here. I always thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me life day by day.

Time, slip by second and second, I know I can't wait anymore. My parents is waiting for me, this my brother's will, and I must grab that freedom. Freedom on time and money. Those my comrades who also doing the same business, or not the same. We have similarities. We have dreams.
So, don't wait. Again we do our best and show to others we can, and we're the best. Nobody can replace us. We're the only one.
Put your effort into it, and you'll see the conclusion.
But work smart, don't work hard. Believe it, do it!! Yattemiruzo!!.....

Mission Overview:
Just some challenge that I face. No matter how, I aim for winning this war. This is the promise within me.
Everyone also need to face challenge in their life,
so as me. 人生必经之路嘛... Here I take a step forward, no regret. CHARGE!!

Where there's blue sky, There's your dream...
So, together, we make our dreams comes true...

Ima, Neon-san to tomodachi no sutori, Hajimaru... FIGHTO!!!!
(From now on, Neon and his friends story begins...)


Like the spring that visited my sleep,
Quiet love bloomed before I knew it.

Shaking, my heart’s voice leaves town.

I’ll be able to smile if you’ll always be next to me.
I want to convey the single word of love that I hadn’t been able to say.

In the city after the rain, along the glistening tree-lined street,
Walking with you now is so dear to me.

Hey, let’s hold hands, like we did on that day long ago.

Smiling in the light, you’re radiant, and I want to cry.
Before we’re dyed in the dusk, tell me the dream that’s only for us.
Only, I wish to the wind…

Even as I shake, I move forward through the season of glass.
So that it doesn’t break apart, I’ll engrave it within my chest.

The flower petals that flutter down are my feelings that overflow to you.
Catch them with with those pure fingertips.

I’ll be able to smile if you’ll always be next to me.
I’ll convey the single word of love that I hadn’t been able say.

Aoi Hana ED01

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Over the busy times...

Just very busy recently. Preparing for our Teluk Intan Chinese Methodist Church 90th anniversary. That let me have an opportunity to learn and play bass in a short time. Then perform in front thousand of people. I sing with my friends, together we praise our mighty lord. Even I think that performance is not good enough, but because of experience, I think I, or we'll do better next time. Thanks for Sis. Bee Bee invited me as a part of her band. She is quite talented in guitar and she is brave. After god's care, she cure from cancer. Then she started to learn guitar and wrote song. Actually I'm quite admire her. Treasure any opportunity to promote her song, to praise our lord together. Then now I want to say, everyone, good job. Sis. Bee Bee as lead guitar, Brandon as background guitar, Me as bass, Bee Kuan as drummer, and SHE, SHY, and Vivian as backup singer. Thanks everybody. All the best and god bless.
I feel kinda amazing that god can lead our church over this 90 years. And I'm proud that I act as a part of my church to invest my glory in heaven. Thank again... God, Lord, Jesus...

A lot of thanks and words after become 20 years of me...
Thanks god you lead me so well. And my second brother up there, Steven Tiong. I know you can hear me. Thanks for your leading and teaching that build my courage up. I'll never forget you. You are one of my best brother in this world. Be there to wait for me. I'll come find ya one day. It's a promise!! And my elder brother Simon, thanks for your concern about my future, and you are going to have a marriage in Oct. Hope you can build up a healthy family in god's care. Gambaruyo!! And Mom and Dad, I think I don't need to explain lol. You both are the most craziest, most loveliest, most talented person on earth in my perspective. Raise a lazy child up to the age of 20. Bring him to church, learning piano, education, and whatever. Help me to plan my future. Isn't that insane!? Mom, Dad, and my family, I love you all!!~

Now the friends beside me. Thanks also for supporting me all the time. Especially when I get caught up in trouble. And you know who you are. Thanks for your care. And those who still hate me, I can't do nothing now. But I want to say sorry... Wether you accept it anot. But I'm willing to help with all I got.

My condition...

Usually when a person busy, probably at that time they are most healthy and most steady all the time. When you go back to rest a while... Haha~ Mr. Sick is approaching nearer and nearer.
The most problematic is, this time I get caught.
Recently, I don't feel so well cause I've been attacked and lose my war to fever after I offer my faith and loyalty to complete my mission for my god and church.
When I know that my college place(around Kampar) got H1N1 case, I start to panic... Weather I "kena" already or not. H1N1!!?? NO!! I pray to God...
After I think for why I'll get sick for a while, I know maybe I not get enough rest lo. Over this month, I just "pia" here, "pia" there. One here for my God's task, second here for my friend, another there for my future business and ... etc.
Haiz...(sigh*... sigh*...) No choice lo. "Ai pia jia e eia ma~"...

Actually I'm just wake up from over 13 hour sleep and my brain still blur-blur*...
Hmm... Then I decided to use some time to post up a new article then even my typing speed is not very fast. This blog somehow is my diary. I can't leave my diary blank for a long time.
For me, 1 week can have several post I'm kinda satisfy "liao" cause everybody knows. I'M A LAZY PERSON!!!

Haa~ 4 Panadols yesterday, must be have strong effect lol... I sweat a lot when I sleep. But I don't like that feeling. Still eating bread, biscuits("ham pia") with Nestum 3 in 1 la. Getting rest alone at home. Downloads anime, music, read some books, daydreaming...still as usual. Then what I'm gonna do now?? There's green aura over my body(like the game "The Sim") and I smell something... Maybe I should go bath. HOO~ BATH~ Then looking foward to the next post lol.

To be continued...

whatever wend*

That day
It's morning
I'm still sleeping
Then i feel something drop on my face
Cool feeling
I open my eyes
I see the raindrops came inside
Wake up, yawn and rubbing my eyes
I closed the window
Oh, it's raining outside
Retarded as idiot
sitting alone there,
Starring the rain and Grey sky outside
and i started to sing...

(music part)
I hide myself at home
Because there's rain outside
With the fans is blowing me
Then feeling cold inside

Everything we measure
Is that accurate?
I don't wanna know...
It's complicated

I just wanna free myself inside
From this world
Close my eyes
Day dreaming...

I put out all the pressure
Throw'em all away
I break free from this chain
Locking me these days
I run over the blue sky
Jumping over rainbow
When the sun smile at me

The flowers begin to sing

The grey sky i've watching
Leave my scar in blind
There's nothing sadness feeling
Four plus five is nine

Hearing to the melody
Those raindrops said to me
Treasure every moment
Live your happy life

Every steps we measure
Is that accurate?
I don't wanna know...
It's complicated

Keep it natural
Free your heavy brain
Throw away these problems
1 minute we enjoy
1 minute we play

I put out all the pressure
Throw'em all away
I break free from this chain
Locking me these days
I run over the blue sky
Jumping over rainbow
When the sun smile at me

The birds begin to sing

It's Wednesday
It's a normal day
It's a simple day
It's carefree day
It's special day
Special everyday
It's happy day

Continued my way...

By NeΩnStillƒantasy∞™ August 2009

(I wonder when I'll write this into song...
Coldplay mode... ON!!~)