Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ain't no break

Huh... Now... Take a long breath, take a short break. Every time, after the exam, I must be feel very relax and happy. But don't know why, this time I don't. Although those feeling doesn't fill me, sill I try to enjoy every breath, every second and moment that god give me.


About the exam that over about a week, I think it's not good enough. That Math got me again even I study so hard. What lecturer had said, I try to learn. But I'm slow in understanding and learning. So, I try very hard to do exercise to catch-up. The way of the lecturer teach me one year ago and now are quite different. His teaching improved well. He is a good lecturer although his emotion is not stable. Anyway, it's all for student. I understand his feeling. He sacrifices his time and strength to teach us, arrange test for us every week, mark our test, give us advice. I trust him so much so I follow the tips he gave to study.
But sadly, those question that come out during exam was totally different. It's not a test. It's a homework for architect!! It's all about analysis and calculation of dimension.
What can I do!??
GG lol...
But I already try my best to study, try my best to finish those exam question. So what to do?? Nothing I can do. Just try harder next time.
What about other 2 subject?? Er... I think the chance to pass those... Possible lo. To avoid myself being crazy, instead of getting worry I relax myself and pray silently.
I wanna say sorry and thank you to my parents that support me all the way without giving me pressure. And my Math teacher - Mr. Yop. Thanks for taking care of me but sorry for me because of my laziness and didn't try harder. God, forgive me for not doing well in this.

After the exam, due to the E-commerce business I'm doing, the organization held a product fair at my house. So I get busy and tired of this. Try my best to help every body. So here I become ---- BUSYBODY!!
Nolah. It's not the busybody that dislike by everyone. Just try to get busy myself. Every move and step I make, I build my future. So, thanks to those help and support me and VJ in this. You know who you are. Although we tired. But we know what is the consequences of our motive and action. We both see our future. A skyscraper needs a strong base. That's why we're focus on the base now. For our masterpiece building that catch others eyes, to help others and protect others.

Phuh... After those things, I need some rest, some time to fill up my mana, chakra... lolz... whatever. I wanna left some time for myself to enjoy the most quiet moment. Just a moment. After this I gonna back to busy life again. Cause recently my brother is gonna married.

Something to said to myself:
Enjoy every... every... everything!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

"I" belong to Jesus.






Sunday, September 6, 2009


Recently... preparing for my invisible war; mission 1. Without failing the mission, of course I'm preparing. Actually, I'm quite panic!! Just 2 days to go!! Anyway... this mission is just succeed, no failures. Taking a break now. What for I take a break?? Hmm.... to reduce pressure, to stay with my family and friends, and... whatever. Of course to spend some time to my little blog la!!

CRASH!!! BANG!!! BOOM!!!... This is the voice of the war I'll be fighting. What a nightmare. But I can see the picture of success in no time. The future, I can feel it, I can see it, I can hear the voice of celebration, all in one. In my illusion that will become reality.

Although the busy times have pass. But, here "busy" comes again, like a bumble bee(Bzzzz.....). When I look back those days that I live, a flash back. I know it clearly. One of the environment and condition that build me up and train me well is.... TA~DA~... "BUSY"!!!

I receive more pressure when I'm busy.
I lost my own time when I busy.
I always obey others when I busy.
I respond to things faster when I busy.
I do more things when I busy.
I do everything in my true feeling when I busy.
I heat up possibilities when I busy.
I can bear everything when I busy.
I gain more lifetime experience when I busy.
I gain more unforgettable memories when I busy.

Despite it's impossible to me to do everything well or perfect all the times.
Despite not all the result always comes out well.

But what I happy and satisfy about it is...

So that is the strong reason... why... the MULTITASKING mode is always on. I prepare to get into busy situation. Get used to it. Enjoy it. Every second in sweat, every minute with countless breath, every hour in strength... Wow... I'm looking forward to it. Come on, pick it up man!! I'm a trouble-solver.

What's the 1st??
Jesus, family, friends, music, future-business, work, study. How I choose?? Without abandon anything important, I choose it all. But there's a need for priority for each thing. Now I list them out about how I think when doing things. It's follow by:
1. My father that always take care of me up there - Jesus
2. Those take care of me most of the times - Family
3. Those who always support and make fool of me sometimes - Frienziesss
4. One of my important dream - Music career
5. Those work that gain me to a meaningful and freedom lifestyle - Future Business
6. The normal and suck"est" way to earn my living income - Work
7. I don't think I'll talk anything good for this DAMN thing - Study(I HATE STUDY!!VERY MUCH!!)
(Damn, didn't I wrote out perfectly well up there starting this paragraph??)

Now what?? Ya... another task that need my participation is a task from god. What I need to do is act as a bridge and bring all the humans step on the stairway to heaven. But don't mistaken me. Make all the humans on earth death is not my intention la. So relax. What I need to do is bring every single person to live their new life and together, we walk with Jesus.

Band forming...
The god has gave me a music talent. So, in church some brothers and sisters will group with me as a band. Through music, together we let the others know who are Jesus. Together we tell those interesting story to others. We want to share the amazing grace that god have gave us. We want god bless them too. We sing expressively to praise our god. Cause the king of the kings, our beloved and kind father that we can't denied.
Writing melodies, lyrics, arrangement, practicing, discussing, performance and a lot of task we need to do. One band, one sound, one faith, one goal. I really don't know how far we can cope to each other in a band. It's not easy. We don't know how far we can go. But we all believe in you. So God, you bless the band and bless the others all over the world. You love all of us. We're your lovely son and daughter. Let us shine on your name. All I want is YOU!!!