Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back to college life...

I think autumn is coming Malaysia. Everyday, raindrops, unavoidable.
From evening to night, even midnight. "Tip... Tap... Tip... Tap..."
Another melody that refreshes the air.
While the change of season, it's quite kinda different living environment for me.
But I like the autumn season. Especially other country. About M'sia, quite boring la.

And this is the time I back to my college to retake my study.
This time, I go back alone. Feel kinda lonely. But not the sad type lonely.
For me, it's independent lonely. I do everything myself. From attend classes,
then come back from class. Still, alone.

I, still as usual... walking staring at the floor, stay shy and quiet.
Everyone who doesn't know me, ignoring my existence, or staring me with a strange eyes.
But, it doesn't mind. They don't know I can be a best friend of them.
But I think one day, I'll. Cause due to my personality, I doesn't talk much in the public.
Except to my friends. So, I treasure my friend very much.

With the temperature is dropping, I need to take care of myself for not to drop sick.
But I feel comfortable with this. It's more better then dry hot weather.
Sometimes, staring to those raindrops. And the sky I've fell in love.
Grey, blue, white, cyan, orange, ... Still will with those color we can see, but indescribable.

And the bible, page by page, let me see and think what god had told me. Continue to walking tall in the light path. Have a quiet night. Pray for everything happened in the world and around me.
Then take a good sleep before attend the morning classes. Yes, a new day begins!!
Just like a type of story, slice of life.

Frédéric Chopin(1810-1849)

I've in a spirit want to write more about my personal work. Poems, melodies, songs, lyrics...
I think how well if I can have this job in my future. How admirable... Master Chopin... RESPECT...
Now, what I'll do??
Take a cup of my favorite plain water and continue my anime...

That's me, N, Stillsemi-OTAKU.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A painter

The old color
cover all the old stories.
The fragment of history,
fade into a dimension
beyond the human eyes and vision.

When that's the time,
a time to end it's time...
to protecting the wall.
It's started to appear in no time,
the crack,
fall onto the floor
into pieces.

Just like human memories,
so precious.
But when is it??
The expire date...
Nobody knows.

cause by weather and environment,
it's falling down in seconds.
The pieces of paint,
the story.

Like a feather of memories,
flowing up to the sky,
and fade against light.

Thanks, dried paint...
You bring me through happy,
mad, sadness and joy.

Although its temporary,
but it serve me right.
From 0 to 10, to 20.
Your existence let me know.
Time is still running.

Now I'm not a child anymore,
I'm a man.
A man with hope and dreams.

So now,
N gonna start his journey,
his first step to chase,
the infinity light way,
a destination, a fantasy.

N start to paint the wall.
Paint over the old paint.
A new paint,
a new checkpoint for me.
It's taking time to do
all this.

Those wills are invincible.
It went through lack of strength,
environment and laziness.

N continue his difficult paint job.
On the big wall,
the bars gate,
and so on.

This paint,
will end sometime.
But N is still continue his painting,
on his imagination,
to bring into reality.

Making impossible to possible.
So you'll know why.
When N paint~

By Neon
October 09

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Result paranoid

"Tada.... I'm here!!" "Log in!! Fast!!" "Welcome Mr. xx"
Inside the student Intranet... Result is tearing my eyes open...
And I'm feel uncomfortable when the result table is loading...
The site is load, slowly. I take a deep breath, try to "peek" the screen... What I've got??~
After I look the the screen, "What!?". Then I laugh so hard till my stomach start to pain.(lol)

Actually, I feel quite shock and LOL through my result. From the start, I know that my math won't pass so easily. Cause those exam question that "pop" out that day, really make my pass year question practice waste like hell. I follow those test paper format from 2002-2009, try those as exercise and study. But...
Those question came out that day is not for college student level. I feel like it became an architect level exam paper that solve the whole question with only one number given...
So, the consequences is....---- GG

But my other 2 subjects... Totally out of my expectations. What I can say is, thank god. I have so much desire to pass this 2 subject. Especially I'm weak in programming and network theory. So I put my effort to study those. As a result...

Good news:
Not "A"bsent, it's "A"mazing!!(Although it's just one subject, enough to make me happy \o/)

Bad news:
(Remarks: You are required to resit AAMS1634)(lol)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


While shaking with the sound of the waves,
the gentle breeze that grazes my cheek
comes apart within me

I close my eyes and I see
the path the wind is blowing

so let's row towards the shimmering waves
with an overflowing smile
and I will tell you all about the way my chest throbbed
while riding the wind, and will return to you
as an Undine

As the wind begins to die down, I look back and
see that the setting sun has reached
even my heart and dyed it its color

I look up and begin to hear the stars'
echoing melody

and so let's row to that far-off future
where our dreams spread over the water's suface
and let's find that still unknown treasure
that you and I are searching for
together as Undines

and the birds fly towards the clear sky
and I realize how this always familiar scenery
has become so precious to me...

Aria the animation OP01