Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What'sabout the special

Easter, remind us about Jesus resurrection. But what the real meaning of his resurrection??
When we've celebrating, we're celebrate his resurrection? Or celebrate for our own new resurrection life??

Resurrection brings salvation!
  • This salvation completely change our reason for living.
  • Life is different because of this salvation.
  • Change our point of view and perspective about life.

Resurrection brings joy!
  • Where's joy comes from?
  • The one who far from joy, far from love.
  • Together with Jesus, our life is fill with joy and happiness.

Resurrection trigger changes!
  • In the past we have not. Now we have it!
  • The link between god and us.
  • The relation between sins and us.
Once we have truly come to Christ for salvation and we have seen the truth of the gospel, we must go into all the world and tell others. Our resurrected Lord is building His church and will soon come again. This truth should make us want to run to tell the good news to the others!! If the resurrection doesn't excite and motivate us, perhaps we have not yet fully appreciated its reality and power.

The tomb of Jesus is indeed empty, but he came into our heart, came into our life. For us, human can have a rich and meaningful life. Let god's love fill all of our heart, life is leading by truth and light. Let us be more confident, use our love and service to repay his sacrifices for love.