Monday, May 31, 2010

In Between III

walking into the...

un for らget れtab なble

0kaeri~ MyReNtedRoom

The room I used to stay for one and a half years...
With calculation, I spend almost 70% of time(as in a one and a half years) in this dimension.
Geez... still looks messy after I tidy up. Probably too much stuff~

"Grave" of the day

Inspirational corner for my secret demos XD

otaku's territory =="


A collection of sunsets and clouds, featuring N's hideout in Kampar.
Such wonderful creation from God... Take your time and enjoy...

late sunsets

yellow fader...


Little roundabout... a place of life intersection.

centered... the fireball

Horizontal wave~

light post

s o r a

shines... meets gray

sink into blue

early noon's shadow.

cumulus grouping

A night due to wire trip... dark~


hidden bright

bright's crawling

blue's bright

sets in silent


soaring of the light; shadow of the day

lights along goodblue

The moment before the leaving...

...a lot of thoughts get me up. Who stay in this room before me? Who'll stay this room after I leave?? Anyway, no matter who stay this room, I hope that they can enjoy to the fullest. May the happiness and wonderful memories fill this room, and the stayer, forever.

Thank God, you've blessed me these days I stayed in Kampar. Thanks...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

In Between - II

After the exam, nothing special, back to normal life. But there is a feel, my study sense is still burning. Maybe it's too boring after all, feel to grab back those notes and do revision. That's a good thing about it. I don't have to throw my notes away. In the other hand, there is less thing to recycle. Doesn't mean I creating some trash for mother nature? Well, that's no point to continue this topic. X_X (busted...)

There's sweet and sour when I think about this. Because this time, special case, it seems trouble for me. I gonna leave a place that I spend almost three years. Probably less chances to go back there. Kampar. A small town that shares many similarities with my hometown - Teluk Intan.

Kampar, in Chinese means "gold treasure". In the past, it's was land for mining. Travelers used to travel through the small town a lot. It's a quite a historical spot. Simple place, simple life.
The decision of building TARC and UTAR there, clearly, the town became more livelier.

"Why you choose Kampar TARC as your location for further study??"

There's many reason behind. Affordable education and easier to go back hometown is the 2 main reason.
Some say, it's a smart decision; but sometimes, I think it's a lame decision.
No matter how I decide, I've been finishing this checkpoint. So, that's no point to wear back your wet clothes which is washing in the washing machine right??

As summary...

Kampar, a place which I:
- Learn to discipline myself.
- Gain my knowledge.
- Understand more about civilization.
- Expand friendship radius.
- Learn to respect .
- Humble myself.
- Becoming mature.
- Getting prepared before get into society.
- Change to evolute myself and etc.

Travel a different path, experience different things outta expectations. Sometimes, I think that's not that bad. Our vision will become wider. But in the other hand, time is really strict. It wouldn't allow. Hmm... I think that is LIFE.

I heard a phrase before saying "Life is perfect since it's imperfect".
What a complicated phrase like idiom. Well, I'm not really understand. But, I think it will be clear for me one day... one day... Learning step by step...

Well, be honest to myself, I don't wanna live behind the shadow. Do what I want to, follow the life wave. Well, "life is like a dream" Jacky Cheung sung. XD

More Kampar style memories behind~

To Be Continued...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Between - I

Hi there~ there is quite some time i didn't hav any new post in this... And sometimes I feel tired to do this. Sorry for the delay. Sorry to myself...
Erm... Yeap~ A season of black words, White screen; black words, white paper. Like what goes around comes around, even in my dream. Why? Notes, tutorials and practical that in Ms. Word makes me sick. It's a exam season.
That's why I feel fatigue when I log in my blogspot > new post, then see a white text box floating there... Argh~ same color again.... Instead of that, please put me to sleep with Heineken...

Along the way to the exam hall, thanks to captain.A that lead me into study all the time. He's doing the best, he tried what he could. I'm tryin my best into my worst subject, hoping for the best. But don't know why, I did't concern about the result.
What I learn from this is, face our honesty. Althought you didn't prepare well, at least you go for the test and try it. A test is nothing to fear. We can't lose compare with a few piece of paper with some question. Just use your pen's ink to kill the question. Giving our best shot!~ IkeE!! Bushidou!!!

A few unpredictable incident happen during that day. Due to personal reason, I can't write'em all here. One of the incident , almost vanish my motivation to attend the second paper. The lost of the authorization slip.
That morning, I supposed to be having a good rest and prepare myself for sitting the paper. But everything become frustrated and panic after I figured out the problem. All the time that I can used to calm myself had become a disaster. Searching and keep panicking, nothing I can do. Even I call my parents & friends for help. My friends can't find anything, my parents comfort and calm me down. Pray, I pray for help, Jesus.
And he heard me. Luckily I can get another extra authorization slip from college's office. And attend the programming paper. Thanks, mom, dad & bro. I feel relieved after talking to you. Even it's through sound-wave trough a object: telephone, I receive it and I feel warm.
My friends, captain and god that help me and giving me advice, and Tarzan fetch me to college that moment. Thank you.

That me, a silly human that still depend on others. Pathetic right?~ Anyway, I'm gland to be me. I'm gland to be in this family and with my friends. They are the best. And I'm gland to be a Christian. I learn to thanks the others.
The paper I sit for that day, I don't wanna care about it's result. I already try everything I can. And, strangely, relieve filled me.
That's the power of light, glowing in a dark pace, keep supporting us, with a hope as a goal to keep us running.

To be continued...