Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VTEC session

Yes... another late post again... Since I got sick again, therefore here's sometime I could spend for a little feeling here... Been busy for several weeks...

Been working in KL for almost 2 months. At least better then wasting time in front of PC day after day. First two weeks, I can't find a job. I tell you, looking for part time job in KL is almost impossible without the help of friends or relatives. Those company and firm need their employee to commit them long-term fully.

I consider lucky because I meet those people who experience in their own career like foreman, business man, music course lecturer and others. Thanks to my brother. I met a good boss and experienced comrade there. Even I lack knowledge about cars, engine, ... I'll still serious into this - foreman.

For others, this job are epically tiring and dirty. Yes and I couldn't deny it. But a rookie into social, I just do anything I might to help my boss. I want to experience and learn as much as I can. And thanks to him, my lunch is fully "sponsored". He's a kind person. Another comrade that working with him, it's like trainer and good example to me. He's the person that organized, and seriously hardworking. When this 2 person work together, team spirit is the thing I experience the 1st. How they plan, how they communicate, how they receive and put the finishing touch for a tough task. "WTF!" is the thing I can said. Expertise.

Although working under the hot sun, sometimes under the rain, fixing heavy hot engine and parts, stain our hands with black oil, ... seems though. But when we do it together, we could overcome the difficulties. I figure out, I'm happy when we solve a problematic car.

Having breakfast before work...
Working with some jokes(can be dirty sometimes ==")
Sing along with radio hits while working...
Go out "lepak" at night to ease ourself...
"Jalan-jalan makan besar" once in a while...

I enjoy the time when I stay with my boss and comrades. Step by step, I explore the world of Honda, VTEC, engines, and motor sport racing as well. Just too 2 2 2... lucky I can go to Sepang Circuit and experience the test drive of an DC5. In meantime, experience the power of VTEC engine.

GOD!! It's like you pushing the NOS button on your steering when the VTEC system is activated, suddenly the throttle became so POWERFULL!!! I've have an amazing indescribable experience and off course study there.

Hmm... sometimes uncertain things let you grow.

Work more, play more, learn more, experience more. Seriously, you'll get something more than a boring life. Life could be more positive and interesting ever. Smile and enjoy everything : )

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